7 great mind tricks to cure your laziness

Are you tired of your laziness? Do you feel like no motivation at all to do anything, and you just want to lay on your bed or sofa do nothing? Do you often find yourself procrastinating your work and unable to accomplish your goals?

Laziness is a common challenge that we all all face in our day to day life, which can affect your daily life personal growth and can make it more harder for you to make your life your life the one you want.

Overcoming laziness is a very slow and gradual process. You cannot do it in one night, you have to overcome it slowly.

If you really want to overcome your laziness.

We have provided you the 7 tried and tested tricks which will help you the most in overcoming your laziness and to be the better version of yourself.

So stick to the post and learn some magical tricks which may not many people know and they will help you to overcome your laziness and to be the better version of yourself.

1. Create a crisis

whenever you feel hard to find motivation to do your work, then you can rely on the self discipline to keep your motivation consistent. Sometime we do not need much motivation but we only need a kick. So you should create emergency for it. Many people fail to complete their task if they don’t have any rules for keeping the discipline and if you don’t have any rules you leave yourself free to do any work at any time then you will not be able to do more work, you will procrastinate but by creating and emergency for yourself you give yourself the two biggest motivators which are time and pressure.

we naturally tend to do something with more focus when we are conscious about that we have to do something with more focus.

2. Skip the breakfast

Yoga advises us to eat only 1or 2 big meals throughout the day in between the gap of 18 hours. When the food reaches to our body all of its focus gets diverted to digest it because of this reason our capability to do work and thinking capacity gets slowed down and we even feel so lazy.

Till early 1900’s people used to eat light breakfast. Today we are misguided that breakfast is important, now it’s the time and understand that this is a lie and improve your health and mental clarity by fasting it means that do not eat right after you wake up but wait for 5-6 hours. You would have noticed that when your stomach is empty (not when you are Hungry) then you are very energetic motivated and alert and after eating you become slow. So educate yourself about fasting and increase your productivity.

3. Create a lazy environment

You can be more productive by being lazy. Yes that’s true. A lazy person makes everything very easy and short this allows them to complete their work faster. By making every work easy and accessible you can do whatever you want. Like if you want to go to gym and driving to it makes you feel heavy. Then you can workout at home or if you want to earn money but don’t want to start a business so you can make low risk investment like index funds.

4. Expose your eyes to light in early morning

Our nervous System is in the brain and spine. Behind our eyes we have the last part of it, because of this we can say that eyes are extended brain. During evolution the Neuro retina present behind our eyes came out of skull to sense the light of outside world. Our eyes inform the other part of our nervous system that when it should get alert and when it should sleep. The amount and quality of light in our environment gives signal to the brain to produce energy. So in early morning instead of doing your work on screen, go out and get some sunlight.

5. Use school bell teachnique

In school Every period was of 45 minutes just because our focus can’t be maintained at one place for more than 45 minutes. You can also work on something for 45 minutes of fully commitment then take a break of 10-15 minutes and again work for 45 minutes.

6. Contrast the work

Creating a balance between work and rest is very important, work is important for each of us but rest have the same importance it is a essential component of life Some work are logical and some are artistic whenever you take a break then do the opposite of what you were doing. Logical work is done by the left hemisphere of our brain and creative work uses the right hemisphere of the brain. Taking regular breaks and engaging in hobbies help us to relax and leaves us more energetic and productive to do complete the work.

7. Ignore all your social media in the morning

If a lazy person gets caught in the web of social media then they cannot get out of it for hours. Checking social media in the morning can be a distraction as in the morning we have a lots of task to complete but if we engage in social media the time flies, it can cause negetive impact as example we can say that if a person woke up and checks it’s social media and found out some stuff which he longs and he is not having it right now the feeling can make him sad and his day will be wasted.

So in the morning you should experience sunlight and do your work or atleast for 2-3 hours do not check your notifications dedicate this time of the morning to your work.

laziness is not a hurdle but rather a challenge that can be a success with right mindset and strategies.

Thank you.

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