10 easy habits to improve your life

In today’s generation everyone wants to improve their quality of life and habits are the base of it. So here are some life changing habits.

Our destiny depends on our tendency and our tendency is shaped through the habit that we perform on daily basis that why in order to change your destiny you need to shape your habits.

1. Give up sugar, seed oils and junk food

Whether it be sugar, seed oil and junk food if you want to keep your blood clean and your body healthy then you should eliminate these things completely from your diet. Sugar damages the walls of your arteries, seed oils which is used in cooking like sunflower oil and soyabean oil contain Omega 6 fatty acids which causes inflammation in the body in long term which can cause very dangerous diseases to us and, by eating any kind of junk food you are basically slowing down your system, your digestion, your body purification and thinking capacity everything slow down gradually so the next time you eat any of these things think about your health first.

2. Give yourself deadlines.

Deadlines gives birth to work ethic and increases to a change of work if you want to complete some of the important task daily but you do not set a deadline for every task it is more likely that you fail in completing your task the more you keep your deadlines flexibility more you take your work likely and postponed it.

Setting deadline dynamic process it requires continuous evolution and adjustment to ensure efficiency in achieving your goal.

3. Read and listen to a book at a same time.

Some people love to read books where some people love to listen books because reading seems boring to them and they prefer audio books, some consume educational content some listen to podcast. So you should find your find out your method of learning which means what form of information can you retain and digest.

For many people reading+ listening at the same time shows the best results when you love a book then purchase their paper back and audio book version at the same time you can listen and read the same information and the information get stored into the two different part of a brain and which are Frontier lope and auditory cortex. By this method there are more chances for the information to last longer. This small habit is life changing hack will which will make you more smarter in efficient.

4. Always keep learning new skills

Learning a New skill offers many opportunities and enhances your creativity. skill is a lifelong investment. There are many advantages of skills they help you in your personal growth as it allows you to explore new perspective and knowledge.

If you have any skill and it is in demand so it means you have an option not to work under somebody but to work for yourself or at least get a higher paying job. Skill can be of copywriting, selling, marketing, blogging or video editing. If you want to start your own YouTube channel or want to work for another content creator or organisation, video editing still may benefit you a lot.

5. Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth

Be aware of what is the rest position of your tongue. This tells that how much beautiful or ugly your face will look. It helps the energy present in your body flow easily.

The ancient Chinese martial art and evening good evening students for giving the knowledge about the body’s energy channel, they were made to understand that by keeping your tongue on the roof of the mouth it completes the energy flow of your body. After using this technique you will feel more energetic.

6. Reaffirm your goal

Whenever you are free visualise about your goal if you are engaged in a work which you don’t like but you have to do because of the circumstances then you should connect it to you main goal and make it a path to reach to your highest goal. With the deepest truth inside you say affirmations which are positive by doing this your all energy will only focus on making your life better.

7. Unfollow demotivating people

Any person in your life or on your social media who does not provide value to your life, and does not help you to reach to your potential, who does not allow your thoughts to grow, unfollow those people right now. In a week at least for one time you should analyse your following list on your all social media handles and see which in person or channel is not adding value you to your life who is not teaching to something right to you. Realise who is your real friend and who is not.

8. Exercise when you are bored

whenever you are bored just stand and do 20 squats and 20 push ups. ‘Seriously’ people pase their time by sitting at a place for a long time and over thinking and then they think why they unhealthy, why there body is having so much issues. To achieve your health and fitness you have to do work hard on yourself by doing exercise in your free time your time will get you derived in a right way and you will not scroll social media and your body will eventually get healthy.

9. Check your bank statement every week

You can not change your financial situation unless you know what is your financial situation. Every week sit down and fix a time where you check your bank balance and statement. Analyse from where how much money you got and how much did you spend. Write down the details. By this you will be getting useful data which will show you that how much progress you are making financially or how much you are losing. Be aware of your net worth, so that you can work on increasing it.

10. Spend more time outside

In today’s generation many people face physical and mental health problems and they are increased due to the problem that most of us are spending our time on mobile phone and laptops screens and give importance to our online persona insted of their real life. Keep your laptop in mobile side and enter into a real world. Many of the people are detached from the outer world because of the social media and are not aware of it is happening in the surroundings. So keep mobiles aside and go on a walk, do something you love, see the nature or anything you want. This will improve your productivity because nature freshen up our mind.

Apply these habits and experience the depth of the life.

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