14 Life changing lessons for your early 20’s

Early 20’s is a remarkable phase of life which is filled with countless opportunity, a lot of energy in yourself and growth. We face so many challenges and in that phase of life and we may get distracted from our main goal because this is a very transformative turn in your life. So to make sure that you don’t get distracted from your goal this post will guide you to some basic and very important lessons which you should learn in your 20’s.

1: You don’t have time

when you are in your teenage years or early 20’s, everyone will teach you that you have so much time to do what you want in life or to achieve your goal and if you ask your adults or your guardians they will say that they didn’t realise how the time flew. Time is very slippery and it get out of hands very fast. Don’t get to comfortable with your life, don’t act like a person who thinks he have so much time they can fail again and again and try again, they doesn’t care that their success is the delaying. You should not be the kind of person who does not understand the importance of time.

Time is very precious and this is the only time in which you can transform life. live that your enemy has surround you and you don’t have any other option instead of fighting. Them fight with your life, fight with your problems and be a successful person earlier are then anyone.

2: Be clear about your purpose

Purpose is a driving force that derives us to take action and align with our values. It gives us the sense of direction clarity and helps us to prioritise what really matters.

You should be clear of your goal what you want in life, what is your value, what is your non-negotiables and what rules you have set for yourself and for the people with whom you interact. This level of clarity will make you to be focused on your goal and will keep the distractions. Everything is changing so fast and if you are directionless in this fast changing world you will get crushed.

3: Do not lose good friends

Good friends gives us a hand in self growth and self improvement. They are with us in our high and Lowes, they provide us listening ear and a great support ,they motivate us to complete our challenges.

Every person is imperfect in itself and everyone makes mistakes and if your friend makes a mistake try to forgive them. If Someone helps you one time then offer them your help 10 times and in place of easily breaking friendship and bringing resignment into your heart, tell your friend clearly what you expect from them and what they have to do to create a deep between you and them. This practice will enable you to deepen your relationships and you will have a good amount of support.

4: You are not motivated because you are scattered

Motivation is like a girl who only believes in monogamy. If your eyes are distracted in 10 different directions then you are never going to get motivated. Concentrate on one focus only at a time. You should prioritise your tasks, break tasts into smaller steps, create a routine, minimise distractions and practice mindfulness and meditations. All these steps will help you to focus on one goal and will make you feel motivated.

5: Understand the truth about balance

Real balance is not always 50-50. let’s say you are eating healthy for 15 days and eating unhealthy for 15 days in a month or you workout for 6 months and skip workout for 6 months, the result will be zero. we have to keep our actions net positive and most of our focus should not be on eating, sleeping, pleasure or fun but it should be on work and self improvement. True balance is not 50-50 it is 90% discipline and 10% enjoyment.

6: Spend time with your parents

When we are in our growing age we think that our age is growing and our parents are looking same so we feel like why should we give them time, they are not going anywhere they are with us , but slowly with time your parents body get weaken and they will not have the same power to interact you after few years which they have now. The more you delay your idea of giving time to your parents you are losing a chance to show them your gratitude and love. So spend daily 1 hour with your parents.

7: Aim to outgrow your friends

In every part of life we seek to get better. If you are in a circle where one person in your circle is having a higher value, your goal should not be to Equalize with them but to make you value higher then them. You should use them as a stepping stone and believe them behind because the chances may be that you have more potential than them. Or they are working below their potential so by idealising them you will also not be able to reach to your maximum potential.

8: A lot of what you are doing is wrong

In the era of youth, everyone has a big ego because life has not slapped you again and again to make you humble. You feel that you are right at every place but this is a sign of insecurity. Saying that you know everything is a sign that you are afraid of not knowing enough. Increase yourself awareness and accept this fact that you have many imperfections and you are not wise. Try to gain more and more knowledge by the help of people you interact and books.

9: Contribute in someway

In your teenage or early 20’s you are given only one work which is to study because without knowledge and education success is impossible to achieve, but only studying is not important your parents have much pressure then you have and if you are living in their house it is your duty to pay them back or just show them how much you love them or how much you are grateful for them whatever work they are given to complete the task and make them happy.

10: Think more about who or what created all this.

It is really important for you to have some connection with the source which created all this. If you want to be creative so understand the creative intelligence who created the whole planet.

An atheist is a person who does not apply this insight in his life and live a very safe life for the reason he lacks high and low experiences and it results in disappointment and boredom, then he declares that the life is not special and thinks he understood life and this world. Nothing is higher then his intelligent. It is completely wrong you should believe in this power of universe.

11: Test your limits

you cannot cross your limit until you don’t know what are your limits. You should know how much strength is in your body, how much stress you can handle, how long can you work without destructions and how deeply can you love someone.

12: Speak loudly and clearly

whenever you speak something say your words completely and clearly and make your voice loud and tone slow by this whenever you will talk to somebody you will be able to express yourself clearly and create a long lasting impression.

13: Learn to perform regardless how you feel

real discipline does not means to complete the work it means to do the work even if you don’t want to do that.

14: Do not neglect your looks

Your look maters the most regardless of in what field you are you cannot make yourself look confident and elevated without elevating your look. To look good expensive clothings and wasting money on skin care product is how to solution but the key is healthy lifestyle.

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