6 Traits of high value people.

Do you want to be high valued? Being high value means having high standards and avoiding low value work and facing discomfort in order to grow exponentially. High value people are not defined by their social status instead they are characterized by their commitment to personal growth, high focus on the goal and ability to positively impact the life of other.

1: Say polarizing stuff-

Sharing the true thoughts of your mind even so if they are different from the mainstream thinking. Some people would like your thoughts because they are interesting and different but some people can get triggered because they are interesting but different. Both the sentences have different meaning. It does not mean that high value person impresses everybody it means that every person have different interest and opinions and if you pretend that you love the same thing which the common crowd is loving you will look fake.

If you think that people will come in your team by saying the common things and then it will become never ending process and you will never get real supporters. By speaking the truth and your true feelings the people who like your thoughts will automatically come in your team and you don’t need to run behind peoples and eventually the people who don’t believe in you will get out of your team.

2: Don’t be desperate

if you want to influence any person of course you have to show them that you are interested in them but also you have to make your boundaries for yourself. That are not easy to cross. Having boundaries means having standards.

Even if it is the person whom you love the most but it does not matches your standard you have to leave that person behind or if the Person does not respect your boundaries, cut them of from your life, no matter how they are important for you because if a person is not having boundaries in your circle it will eventually make your circle value much lower because they does not value themselves that does not value you so how can they value your circle and eventually your value will be degraded.

3: clarity of thoughts

The peak of the largest mountains leaves the clouds behind. If you want to be a high value person then you should be above your thought and your thought should be lower than you. In simple words, we can say you should simplify your thoughts. Have you ever noticed how the the Person who have achieved something in their life speak so slowly, calmly and have organised the thought in a well manner. Clarity of thought is a skill which is present in the person itself or it is influenced by parents or the nearby people but if it is not present in you. you can learn this skill overtime by practicing it.

4: High value people do high value work

high value people do different work from the normal people. They work on self improvement and reaching to the maximum potential while the lower value person who watches the same television movies which normal people watch, they go on the same vacation spot where normal people go, they scroll the social media when they have free time and eat food which is tasty not healthy where a high value Person watches documentaries, cases and other movies. which will improve his thinking capacity and will give him new ideas they give time to themselves and they have free time they do not scroll on social media.

If someone is doing the same thing which others are doing they can never increase the value. Question yourself what should you do which you are not doing to improve your life. We always know what to do but we act clueless to justify our laziness but if you want to be high value person you should work hard on yourself and work hard on your goals. You should cut all the distractions.

5: They are more adaptable

Charles Darwin said that, ‘they not the most strong and intelligent creature who survive longer by they are the ones who are more adaptable’. You have to make yourself that strong that if you are in any situation no matter what the situation is if it is the worst or the best, you should focus on yourself and your goal, you should not be distracted. You should adapt to new situation like if your life took a turn you should not get distracted and demotivated you should learn how to manage yourself your thoughts your mind your and your emotions.

6: Experience discomfort

The problem starts when we give importance on only to pleasure and forget the importance of pain because from this point will stop doing all that work which is hard. Experience in this comfort can involve changing your belief talking to the people and understanding them who you don’t like it all or doing the things which you fear or you don’t like. These things will give you discomfort but by doing this you can escape your limitations and you will be high valued.

Never be okay with mediocrity. Actualise your maximum potential.

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