What is self discipline?

Self discipline is the ability to control ones temptations , desires , emotions and actions to achieve the desired goal. Self discipline is important to achieve success and growth in our lives.

And if you want to be successful you should master self discipline. Today you are going to discover some ways in which you can master self discipline and achieve the desired goal.

Monkey mind vs monk mind

Let’s start from the very beginning.There are two types of mind, monkey mind and monk mind.

The monkey mind is always jumping from branch to branch, it’s always looking for the short term win ,it’s the part of us that complaints, compares and criticizes but the monk mind is focused on long term gain, it is calm , composed, caring and compassionate.

so if we want to make transformation you have to understand how the mind works.

here the mind is monkey mind and the intelligence is the monk mind.

the monkey mind just want to sleep, be lazy and lethargic it will not say you to focus on your goals. And the monk mind wants to have a proactive start to the day, proactive start to the week.

we have five senses -sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. All of these have different triggerings for example if you think about good food your mind will say that let’s go and eat that and that becomes are recurring habit. You know that these things will spoil your life and will cause no good to you.

There is only one key thing that can make difference in our life that is the monk mind. The monk mind act is a guard between your intelligence and your monkey mind. For most of a monk mind is asleep and to awaken your monk mind you should follow the 5 R’s format.

The 5r’s format.

1. The first R is REASON.

you need a powerful reason for why you are making this new change in your life if you don’t have a deep profound reason in your life it will be really difficult for you to make that change in your life so the main step is to get a really really powerful and deep reason for your change.

choose the thing you are trying to change your life right now and ask yourself the real reason for what you are doing this.The reasons may be positive and negetive but the negative reason like revenge is not going to work because you are seeking validation from the people who think differently about you but if the reason is for yourself for the for the people you love the decision is definitely going to succeed.

2. The Second R is RESEARCH.

your reason is given more importance and dept through good research. what I mean by good research is to read books, lisen podcast and talk to people to get information about the subject. The more you absorb information the more likely you are to create transformation because you have so much research that is consistently convincing the guard to help convince the sense every time you want something or see something. When you want to change have it make sure what you listen what you talk about the subject when you miss yourself in that way you will see maximum impact in your life.

3. The third R is REPETITION.

Repetition helps in encoding of information in our memory. When we encounter new knowledge or habit , repetition helps in strengthen neural connections in the brain, strengthening pathway associated with that particular information. By being repeatedly exposed to the same material we reinforce the learning process and improve our ability to recall and apply the information we needed.

If you really want to make something priority in your life, it has to be a small step and a big priority. In simplified way take one self improvement decision which is included in your list at a time and repeat it consistently. you will definitely notice changes in some days.

4. The fourth R is RESPONSIBILITY.

The goal you want to achieve in long term should be done with company or a team. Because when you do something with other people you not only have your motivation but motivation of others also encourages to accomplish your task. When any people work together on the same thing you are more likely to reach to your goal. Being a part of a team provides emotional support and motivation , especially during challenging times . Team members can count on each other for encouragement, support and guidance. When faced with obstacle or setbacks the collective spirit of the team can help individual preserve and maintain their motivation.

5. The fifth R is REWARD.

if you want to change any habit. Remeber to reward yourself on the minimum and maximum progress. The reward is making sure that you recognise what amazing growth you are making. Take a moment and see how far you have come. Because our mind again tricks us and always goes like look how far you have to go. So to ensure your consistency make sure you reward yourself.

This was the 5 R’s format. Use this and reach to your highest potential.

thank you.

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