10 signs of depression.

1: You are having a difficult time to take hold of your emotions

You might be sad alone but happy when u are with your friends. It means a social power which forces you to fake your happiness, this is also called forced happiness. People who suffers from depression also change their way of interaction on social media, they start post sad and dark posts which allow them to say what they want.

2: Change in habits

If you have hard time doing your daily habits like eating, bathing, exercise and going for work. And you feel exhausted while doing them for no reason. You may find hard to get out of your bed in other words you are willing to get out of your bed but you are not able to might be a sign of depression.

3: Blaming yourself

You blame yourself for everything, if it is your fault that is absolutely correct but if you blame yourself for no reason like if something happened bad to someone you think that’s your fault. That may be a sign of low self esteem.

4: You are not enjoying what you used to enjoy in past times

The actives which were your favorite in the past now feels like a heavy weight and you don’t enjoy them anymore and you loses intrest in every activity. You may fake happiness while doing the actives but you might be actually feeling stressed.

5: Irritability

Irritation is common. Everybody feels that but if goes to extreme level without any reason that may cause harm to you. You are irritated with every body without any reason. It may be anyone of your family or friends when they try to talk to you and you feel extreme irritation. It may be also because you must be stressed out by something but if it happens for no reason,it may be a sign of depression.

6: Physical pain

If any unexplained pain arises in your body like back pain, headache or joint pain. That may be a sign of depression. Depression and body pains are closely linked. So if you feel the pain you must approach your physiotherapist.

7: Irregular sleep

If your sleep pattern are disturbed and your sleeping time is decreasing or increasing which is called insomnia or hypersomnia that may be a disturbing factor. A study shows that the people who were suffering from depression, 75% of the people reported insomnia and 25% of the people reported hypersomnia. So make sure to take regular sleep.

8: Change in appetite

Some people with depression funds their appetite is much lower and that are unable to eat properly but in some cases the appetite increases rapidly. This can result in emotional eating or loss in food.

9: Difficulty in concentration

The person with depression may not be able to concentrate properly, having problem in remembering something and memory issues and may not be able to make decision.

10: constant thoughts of suicide

The person suffering from depression may lose interest form life and find it hard to survive and the results comes in the form of suicidal thoughts or in some cases can lead to suicide.

Please keep in mind that all these signs may be because of constant stress or other factors too. This content is not for self diagnosis. If you suffer from any of them consult a mental health professional.

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