what is bipolar disorder

Bipolar is a chronic mental health condition which affects the mood of the person suffering from it.

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression.

In bipolar disease the patient experiences extreme level of mood swings. The person suffering from bipolar disease experiences manic and hyper manic episodes. The patient shift between these two with varying duration and intensity.

what is manic episode?

Manic episode is the period when a person suffers from feelings of restlessness, feels irritated, raising speed in thoughts, High amount of energy and lack of concentration. Basically the person feels so excited and happy.

Manic episodes consists of:

Elevated mood, increased energy, racing thoughts and fight ideas, decreased need of sleep inflated self esteem and risky behaviour.

what is hypo manic episode?

Hypomanic episode can be described as the milder form of manic episode. In this a person feels depressed and does not experience the same level of exicetment experienced in the manic episode.

Difference between manic and hypomanic episode

Manic episodes are more serious than hypomanic episodes. As the person may also need hospitalization in the case of manic episode.

Manic episodes lasts more longer then hypomanic episodes.

Manic episodes also involve psychosis but hypomanic episodes do not involve it.

but both are harmful in their own ways we can not particularly say which one is more harmful.

There are 2 categories of bipolar disorder

  • bipolar 1
  • bipolar 2

Bipolar 1:

Person suffering from bipolar 1 goes through the cycles of mania, depression and normal moods. Not many people have faced the depression episodes but they occur in some cases. Bipolar 1 feels like you are on the roller coaster ride. The mood goes up rapidly and at it’s highest point the person feels grandiose and suddenly the mood comes down. Manic episode in this cases can lat upto 7 days. People often have disillusions and they losses their awareness of their surroundings.

Bipolar 2:

Person suffering from bipolar 2 experiences depressive episodes, hypermania and normal moods. The person suffering from bipolar 2 may not experience the energy which the person experience in bipolar 1 but they feel depressed. The person may have disturbed sleep pattern and cycle of depression which includes the strong feeling to guilt and losing interest in the things which they enjoyed before.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder

Some symptoms of bipolar disorder includes

:talking faster than usual

:difficulty in concentration

:extreme irritation

:irregular sleep pattern

:changes in appetite


:Intense multitasking

:risky behaviour.

It’s not necessary if the person having same symptoms may have bipolar disorder. symptoms may occur form may different reasons.

And if you feel like you are having bipolar disorder consult your psychologist.

what is the cure?

Well there is no cure. Professionals were not able to find it’s cure and the reason why it develops but it is known that it is caused by genetical or environment factors.

How should you handle it.

you can only control and stable yourself with the help of medication and other things which includes proper sleep, meditation and mindfulness, exercise, eating healthy, making a routine and finding a support system. and it’s all about balance.

Proper treatment is also necessary as it a complex condition.

This content was to just provide information and it was not from the diagnosis point of view.

thank you.

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