Where is Dubai located and how it became so rich.

Let’s start from very beginning.

UAE– United Arab Emirates

7 different kings from different kingdoms decided together that they will create a country which got called UAE later.

The seven kingdoms were :

  • Abu Dhabi Emirate
  • Dubai Emirate
  • sharjah Emirate
  • Ajman Emirate
  • Umm Al – Quwain Emirate
  • Ras Al khaimah Emirate
  • Fujairan Emirate

Sometimes confusion arises, because the names of these kingdoms and cities are same.

for example – Dubai Kingdom is called Emirates of Dubai and there is a city inside it named Dubai city.

similarly the city of Abu Dhabi is in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

so now, you must be confirmed that where is Dubai located.

How did dubai became so rich?

In 1990, a complete barren place which did not have any type of facilities, is now a big shining rich country

how do you think this was possible? You must be thinking that it was all possible because of oil but this is not so, let me tell you only 1% of their GDP comes from oil.

Well there is a intresting story behind this.So stick up to the post!

In 1820, There was nothing of the name UAE. Various sheiks ruled their respective area and the area was called sheikhdom and the area where Dubai is located was called a village of fishermans.

Sheikh Maktoum Bin seperated Dubai from Abu Dhabi, and also because of this he is called the founder of Abu Dhabi.

In 1853, Britishers used this area to travel from Bombay to London but there used to be loot in this area with them, so Britishers in the area which included Dubai and Abu Dhabi, they spoke to them and signed a treece agreement. Where they agreed on the security so they don’t have to face any problem further. After that the name of the area got changed into trucial State. Dubai was also counted as a part of trucial State.

The fate of Dubai changed in 1958. When Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed became the ruler of Dubai. He turned Dubai from a village into a shining. In 1959 he went to Europe and he was impressed with the infrastructure there. He decided that he would make Dubai a trading, transport, and finance hub that must be famous all over the world.

Dubai is in the Persian gulf between Iran , Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Quatar. Also this route connect Asia , Africa and Europe. The strategic location for Dubai was very good, keeping this in mind Sheikh Rashid who created natural Dubai creek under him, in which small ships were able to come but not the bigger ones. Sheikh Rashid got it deeper and wider so big ships could also come. The decision succeeded. Due to this Dubai started doing pretty well. He also build am airport in that area.

In 1996, oil was found in Dubai but it was turned out to be very less in compared to neighbouring countries. So Sheikh Rashid invested the gained money from oil into the development.

In 1968, Britishers left and 3 years all kingdoms together became a country.

Now Dubai is a kingdom itself bht it also represented UAE as a country. Whenever ships go from one place to another they need ports for refueling, loading and unloading. Sheikh Rashid understood the importance of the thing and made port Rashid, because of this port ships started to stop there and whenever a ship halts, there are always commercial activities on a very large level.

Port Rashid was built in 1972 and seeing its success another port Jebel Ali was built in 1979. Sheikh Rashid announced that port jebel Ali as commercial free zone and tax free zone. In the result import duty, export duty, manufacturing tax, all were waived. It was the game changer move of Sheikh Rashid. Now the route became famous and almost 24% of GDP started coming from it.

Heavy amount of money was invested in infrastructure and development of tourism which resulted in massive amount of growth in Dubai.

so basically under the best leadership Dubai became who it is Today.

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