Study more effectively in less time. Want to know how?

Many students feels study is a burden because they don’t know the correct method of studying. By knowing the correct method you can increase your speed and capacity of your learning.

I’m going to tell you some secrets about studying by which you can score more marks by investing less time.

In today’s world it is very hard to focus on studies because there are millions of distractions and sometimes we often feel lazy, we procrastinate and lack of motivation can take down our progress.

To maintain the progress here we are sharing with you 7 hacks that can help you achieve your study goals.

1.Cut off the distractions.

The very first thing to keep in mind when studying is to cut off the distractions. Are you the one who can’t focus on the studies just because you are having the urge to check your phone and open the notifications you are receiving. Just do a simple thing, turn off your notifications and while studying switch your phone off or put it in another room. when you will have no distractions you can study with deeper focus.

Complete your essential tasks of the day or assign a time to yourself for them, this can also be the cause of distraction because as you have many other works in your head you can not focus completely on your studies.

Also you need to make sure that there is no other person present in your surrounding who may disturb you. You should sit alone in a silent place and focus with everything you have inside you.

2.Analyse your syllabus

Many people don’t know how to start and where to start. If you are one of them, u can follow this trick.

1.analyse your syllabus

2.analyse regular class notes

3.analyse your monthly test

4.analyse PYQs

After analysing the all four categories find the common topic from which the question are given. And focus on them. Cover the whole syllabus but pay more attention to the topic which lay common in those 4 categories.Make a chart of the above categories and give yourself deadlines to complete it.

3.spaced repetition

In this technique you need to fix time for your study.

I mean if you are studying just study with your whole attention if it is for 25 minutes or whatever your capacity is. Then take a break for 5 minutes or 10 minutes, then Study again. This method will help you to study productively and your brain will also not feel the strain.

4.Active recall

This is the most effective way, tried and tested method for me. It starts as

You have to analyse the topic. Study it carefully and when you think you understood the whole matter, then take your notebook and try to make your own notes by recalling what you have understood so far. By this method the things which you have stored into your short term memory will transfer to your long term memory and you will remember the topic for a longer period of time.

5. Teach yourself

This trick will amaze you.

You have to teach yourself everytime you study something new. You can start by reading the chapter, understanding the concept and making notes, when you are done with this then stand in front of the mirror and teach yourself as you are a teacher and the person standing in the mirror is a student. This will work magic and you will notice that you understood the whole concept better then ever.

6. Track your progress

To Study effectively you need to track your progress. Many students skip this step and fail to achieve their desired goal.

You need to write down your long term and short term study goals on a paper.

Long term study goals can be you goal for 6 months and short term can be a study goal that you can complete in one week.

If you successfully manage to track your progress half of your problems will solve instantly.

7. Get sleep when needed

Many students feel sleepy while studying. Take 7-8 hours of sleep daily and then You need to indetify when you are actually sleepy and when you are feeling lazy. If you are actually feeling sleepy whole studying just take a nap , because studying forcefully will cause no good to you. After taking a nap you will feel fresh and your mind will be able to digest more information them it was able to do before and you will notice that you are able to study more in less time.

Thank you for the read!

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